Stop struggling with generating new sales.

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Do you struggle with any of the following marketing or sales problems?

  • Overwhelmed and not sure where to start
  • Inconsistent leads
  • Low sales + income in the bank
  • No return-on-investment
  • Poor quality leads
  • Expensive website not converting traffic
  • Not getting results with existing marketing
  • Wasting time working on the wrong activities
  • Low traffic to website
  • Stuck in old ways of marketing

Have you tried everything out there but nothing seems to work?

Hi, I'm Loushen

Welcome to Nine Pillars, a global brand that aims to deliver real results to business owners.

Since 2008, I started a marketing agency in Sydney working directly with businesses that wanted to increase market share. In 2014, I merge my agency and co-founded Nine Pillars. Our aim is build, grow and scale businesses by collaborating with business owners.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and have developed proven strategies, tactics and marketing approaches for a variety of industries.

Today, I am so confident in my business’s ability to deliver results, I GUARANTEE results – if you don’t reach the agreed KPIs, you can stop paying us until we do. Lets works together and help build a better business!

We help business owners Build, Grow & Scale their Business

Here is what is in-store for you

  • High converting Ads with ROI
  • More quality leads flow
  • A system to automated generate leads
  • Clear marketing plan that is easy to follow
  • A support team to help you jump hurdles
  • Confidence about your marketing you’re doing
  • Awareness through education
  • More money and impact in your niche

What our Clients say?

“Matthew’s prompt and efficient service, friendly approach and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of business cashflow and finance has led to him being highly regarded by all in his vast network of clients and professional contacts. Matthew is always prepared to “go the extra mile” and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any cashflow and finance enquiries.”

- Problem Solver and Insolvency Lawyer

We get our business funding from Matt. The process is simple and means we can pay people on time now. This has made a huge difference to our business and now we are expanding to new premises.”

- Transport and Logistics Client