Cash Flow & Short Term Finance

Cash Flow Finance

Cash Flow Finance is funding from a lender that will improve the amount of cash in a business to subsequently pay the creditors of the business.

Cash Flow Finance can be provided in a variety of forms for a specific reason or, to pay more than one creditor of that business e.g. wages, trade suppliers, taxes, rent, finance payments and any other creditors of the business.

Something to be avoided in business is poor cash flow, as this:

  • is a common and major challenge for many businesses
  • all too often no cash flow can lead to business failure or insolvency
  • waiting for cash flow or money into your business can restrict growth opportunities and
  • all of the above are very stressful for the Directors and business owners.

The simpliest form of positive cash flow for a business is when a customer pays their invoice for the goods or services sold before the creditors need to be paid.

Cash Flow Finance can be provided in a number of forms in order to support payments in a SME.

In practice, beyond the customers paying their invoices, cash flow finance can be provided by:

  • banks
  • finance companies
  • other non-bank lenders
  • directors
  • shareholders
  • suppliers
  • other related parties
  • suppliers who offer payment terms e.g. 30 days.

The problem is for many business the above finance options are not always available when you need them.

The solutions available to solve cash flow challenges are often not difficult, but they can be complicated, so seeking advice from a Finance Specialist is the next step to growing your business.

Cashman Consulting provides Cash Flow Solutions for your Cash Flow Challenges

There is only one reason for finance in a business, and that is when there is no money in the bank account and you need to pay your creditors. So now you need a cash flow solution!

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