About Cashman Consulting

Who we are?

Cashman Consulting is a specialised finance and business consulting firm aimed at helping Australian businesses achieve the right financing solution. We have lots of possible solutions, but we need to know about you, your business, what challenges, any issues, and your goals so we can provide you the best possible solutions. To get the right strategy its important to know where you are now and where you are going in your business.

Helping Australian businesses achieve the right financing solution can be planned and organised. Whether you need invoice finance or debtor finance, turnaround finance, equipment or asset finance and the cashflow required to support your business.

At Cashman Consulting, we have a very clear purpose, to work with you, meet your challenges and resolve the issues to growing your business.  We “focus on you the client, your needs and provide real finance solutions in a timely manner, with the best possible terms with a consistently great service offering.”

At Cashman Consulting to do business it’s a part of our commitment we need to work in your best interests delivering fast turnarounds and exceptional client service. Whatever your challenges to overcome and business goals, we’ll help you get there.

Finance is an important part of the business process, without finance there is no business, so let’s work together to achieve your business goals.

Why choose Cashman Consulting?

It’s simple, because we have the experience and skills in business finance to provide real solutions to our clients. We have a saying at Cashman Consulting “understand the business challenge, find the right solution, fix the problem”.

At Cashman Consulting we work to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients, and this could be your business or for you as a Director or Shareholder. We believe in taking the time to understand individual business needs whilst providing a personalised and consistently great client experience.

How to get Started

We are here to help you find a strategic finance solution. Our experience and wealth of knowledge on finance and business will work hard to give you the best possible outcome.